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Rediscover Youthful Radiance with Our Dermal Filler Treatments

Rediscover radiance with dermal fillers


Unveil a more vibrant version of yourself with Aesthetics by Lucy's dermal fillers, Whether you’re hoping to restore lost volume for a rejuvenated appearance or tighten and sculpt areas of the face that have sagged with age, this non-invasive treatment restores facial symmetry to bring your features back into balance.  


How do dermal fillers work?


Dermal fillers are usually composed of collagen, elastin or a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid. These compounds help to restore volume to the treated areas. The most commonly treated areas include the cheeks, lips, corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds, tear troughs, jawline, chin, forehead and temples, delivering a subtle yet refined and refreshed look. With little downtime, stringent aftercare or intensive recovery, this treatment delivers immediate results, making it the ideal alternative to invasive methods like surgery.  


Dermal filler dos and don’ts


Before your dermal treatment, be sure to:


Attend a thorough consultation.

Disclose medical history, medications and allergies.

Stay hydrated.

Refrain from blood-thinning medications.

Stop drinking alcohol 24 hours before treatment.


After your treatment, you should:


Follow post-treatment care instructions.

Use gentle skincare products that are free from harsh active ingredients 

Attend any recommended follow-up appointments.

Avoid engaging in strenuous activities for 48 hours — an elevated heart rate can cause additional swelling and bruising. 

Avoid exposing treated areas to excessive sunlight or heat.

Resist touching or massaging treated areas immediately after the procedure.


Why choose Aesthetics by Lucy


Choose Aesthetics by Lucy for a personalised, honest and transparent dermal filler experience. Lucy's nursing experience ensures your safety and satisfaction by keeping you confident, comfortable and well-informed throughout every step of the process.


Book your dermal filler consultation today

Ready to rediscover your radiance? Explore our services and book your consultation with Aesthetics by Lucy today. We will assess your unique needs, discuss your goals and tailor a dermal filler treatment plan just for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out — we’re always happy to help.

  • What are cosmetic injections?
    Cosmetic injections are non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments that inject substances under the skin to enhance its appearance. From dermal fillers that plump the skin and restore volume to anti-wrinkle injections that turn back the clock on signs of ageing, cosmetic injectable treatments are carefully tailored to bring forth a more youthful, radiant appearance.
  • Are there different types of injectables?
    Yes, there are various types of injectables, including anti-wrinkle injections for muscle relaxation and dermal fillers for adding volume and definition. Book a consultation with us today to learn more about our treatments and what we can do to help you achieve your desired results.
  • How do I choose an aesthetic clinic for cosmetic injections?
    When selecting a clinic, it's most important to consider the practitioner's qualifications and experience. Aesthetics by Lucy is backed by Lucy Jaques' credentials as a Registered Nurse — so you can rest assured that you are in safe, professional hands that will expertly administer your chosen cosmetic injectables.
  • Is there any post-treatment aftercare?
    Yes, aftercare is essential to achieve the best possible results, and at Aesthetics by Lucy, we'll provide you with detailed post-treatment instructions. Most aftercare for cosmetic injectables may include avoiding strenuous activities 48 hours post-treatment, applying ice to reduce swelling and avoiding the topical application of harsh, active ingredients found in many skincare products.
  • Can cosmetic injectables be reversed?
    Some cosmetic injectables, like hyaluronic acid fillers, can be partially or fully reversed using specific enzymes. Before booking a treatment to reverse your cosmetic results, contact our skin clinic in St Leonards to discuss your options.
  • Can cosmetic injectables be combined with other treatments?
    Yes, cosmetic injectables can often be combined with other treatments, depending on your skin goals. Consult with us, and we'll create a personalised treatment plan that may include a combination of injectables and other aesthetic treatments to deliver your desired results.

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